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The Story of Il Sorrentino, La Sarda e La Pugliese…







Once upon a time…

A baker and his wife lived in southern Italy in the 1940s. With a lot of passion and love they made the tastiest bread in the city with their own hands. Raffaella’s grandparents!

About 300 kilometers north of this town in beautiful Sorrento lived a family with a passion for travel; one of Sorrento’s first travel agencies was founded there in 1960! The proud grandson of this is AC.

…and on the beautiful island of Sardinia the foundation for Valeria’s passion was created!

Three people whose passion for Italy is so deeply rooted, met each other on their path in life, there were fireworks; it was clear that a common passion connected them. And something beautiful emerged from that passion. A unique concept that cannot be compared with anything else… a concept based on patriotism and a love for culture, gastronomy, and authenticity.

The concept is simple; from this love a desire arose; a desire not only to enjoy and introduce others to this special culture.

This resulted in wonderful trips throughout Italy. Trips that have been put together based on knowledge of the country. Trips that introduce you to the highlights of beautiful Italy. Composed of passion. A passion for life, the Dolce Vita, solidarity, and the family feeling. But also, for fine and pure food, La Cucina Povera, less is more.

Italy is simplicity, with restaurants in caves, old towns, picturesque villages, deserted beaches and
Masseria’s that introduce you to rural life, in a beautiful landscape. Italy with its beautiful nature and
warm hearted people, welcome every guest with open arms.

We, Raffaella, Valeria & AC, all three blessed with roots from Puglia, Sardinia, and Sorrento, would love to introduce you to our beautiful, lovingly curated trips!

Why Aponte Italy Travel?

At Aponte Italy Travel, our passion is what drives us. We want you to get acquainted with rare truffles in Tuscany, the beauty of the Amalfi coast and the unique experience of sleeping in an authentic trullo! Crossing through Matera in an original APE or making original orecchiette with Grandma Maria, we know just the people to arrange it.